Desiree Cady Poetic Stylist

Desiree Cady Poetic Stylist

I am a 33 year old mother of two beautiful girls who have been my saving grace. After a brutal attack a few years ago, I have been plagued by PTSD. After the attack and a few suicide attempts, I vowed to tell my story and help inspire others to get help and to know that they are not alone. 
I am currently wrapping up two manuscripts for publication and am set to be published in an upcoming anthology that will come out mid - November.
You can find more of my work at 


With pain in her heart
And fear in her eyes
She packed up her things
Left without a single goodbye

Not a bruise on her body
His fists left no trace
But his words resonated
Deep down in a sacred place

At 19 she was a child
Not knowing what love was
Naive she believed him
Like a young child does

As she became older 
That is when she knew
Love isnt just something you say
It's something you do

His words they cut deep
Ripping out her soul
He began diminishing her happiness
Her innocence he stole

Stand by her family
Be faithful to her man
Til death do us part
That was supposed to be the plan

No longer wanting to gamble
When her life was at stake
She swallowed her fears
Decided it was a risk she would take

For his "love" was killing her
She was finally done
Spending another second with him
Was roulette with a fully loaded gun

She decided it was time 
To finally say goodbye 
She left that day
She stopped living a lie

For the choice was so clear
She could live in hell as his wife
Or she could take back control
And save her own life

Soul Kissed by Desiree Cady

Soul Kissed

I didn't know my soul was starving
Until I got a taste of you
Didn't know how much I was missing
Until you did the things you do

I thought I had felt true love
Before I felt your tender touch
You came into my life
You have taught me so very much

You showed me a different man
One I knew nothing about
One who can speak his feelings
Doesn't always have to shout

A man who can tell me he loves me
And I know that is enough
One who will stand beside me
Even when things get a little tough

You've shown me so much different
Than I have ever known
Just these few months with you
It's amazing how much I have grown

When it comes to decent men
You are truly one of a kind
I have been blessed in this lifetime
To be able to have claimed you as mine

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

Untimely Goodbye By Desiree Cady

Untimely Goodbye

Our journey is ending far too soon
We have only just met
I'm not ready to say goodbye
Not prepared for it to end just yet

In my head I had dreams
Of building a life together
Now it seems that's all changed
As quickly as the weather

I know it's not your fault
And it's not what you would choose
We just found this new love
One we are nowhere near ready to lose

Not sure now just what
Our future is going to bring
But let me tell you this
I want you to know this one thing

You came into my life
Like a breath of fresh air
Picked me up and gave me strength
Showed me how someone can truly care

I will never forget what it is
That you and I share in our hearts
The love I have for you will still be real
Even when we are miles apart.

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

Sweet Memories by Desiree Cady

I can still feel your breath on my skin
Your lips down my spine
I can still taste your kiss
As your lips touch mine

I can still hear the sound of your voice
As you whisper my name
The touch of your hands
As they slide down my frame

As clear as the memories
Are in my head
I wish we were in the flesh
Reliving them instead

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

Goodbye By Desiree Cady

So many times I have let you in
Just to play with my emotions
Yes, it is true, love may cause tears
But mine could have filled the oceans

I am finally free of the chains 
You once held over me
Now you want to come back
We'll make it work, you beg and you plead

If I thought for one second That things could change
That the words you spoke were true
I would sacrifice my happiness for my family
That is the girl you thought you knew

But I have had time to examine myself
I have also met someone
I have learned there is more value to me
And I deserve better than what you have done

I stood by and gave it my all
Through so many torturous years
I am smiling now most everyday
I will not go back to the tears

You had a good woman
One who loved you til she had nothing left
But what I was doing to myself
Was leading me to a slow death

You made your choice 
When you walked out that door
Left me heartbroken in pieces
Lying in my tears on the floor

Now be a man and own up 
To what it is you've done
You no longer wanted to play the game
Now just accept, it's over, you won.

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

An Unpromised Vow by Desiree Cady

An Unpromised Vow

It was a day of laughter
A day of smiles
When she put on her white dress
And walked down the aisle.

And as she walked toward 
The groom in his black suit and tie
The church filled with friends and family
You couldn't find a dry eye.

As she whispered her vows 
Till death do they part 
She had no prediction
Of the hell that was about to start.

But as soon as the crowd was gone
And he carried her across the threshold 
The threats and abuse reigned down 
Leaving her dead inside with an intense cold.

As time went on she became a prisoner 
Trapped in her own private hell
So much pain she held inside 
It wasn't long until...

It was a day of sadness 
And a day of tears
When they buried her body in the ground
After just a few years.

(C)2016 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

Memorial Day Moment
By Desiree Cady

They stand and fight
Put their lives on the line
Give up everything they have
Just to make sure our citizens are fine

March into battle bravely
Their strength pulls them through
They lose their lives
To protect me and you

Some come home from battle
Beaten and torn
Scarred from their memories
Their hearts are all worn

They deserve our respect
And yet so much more
They are the soldiers, our heroes,
The prisoners of war.

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

Happy Memorial Day 
And thank you to the many men and women who have fought, continue to fight, and will fight in the future to protect our America.
Words cannot express my love and Gratitude

New Love Wonder by Desiree Cady

As the dawn of the day
Seeps through the blinds
I awake next to you
With happiness in mind

Not sure yet of what
Our future will hold
In my heart I hope next to you
I will be growing old

Our feelings are new
Though We have just met
I feel you understand me 
Better than anyone yet

I am scared of you
You scared of me
So afraid to fall and get hurt
If only the future we could see

Take a chance on me
And hand me your heart
I promise to cherish, love, and protect
Each and every last part.

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved


You are the air that I breathe
The fire in my soul
You are what makes my life complete 
You are what makes me whole.

You are the stars in the sky
The dawn's early light
You're the one biggest reason 
to continue the fight. 

You are what God had in mind 
when he created the mold
Of His one perfect Angel 
everything to treasure, cherish and hold.

You're the warm summer breeze 
or cool winter night,
You are the sun in the sky
Shining your eternal light.

You are my daughters 
pulled straight from my womb
You were brought to this earth -- beautiful perfection to rid my world of gloom.

Mommy loves you Cadylynn and Jasmine to the moon and back and around the universe a few more million times.

©2016 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved


I remember you once told me
That I could not survive without you
Well sit back and prepare for the amazing things 
that I am about to do

For years I thought​ that it was you
That held me tightly together
But now I look back and I see
It was me who was withstanding the harshest weather

When you left I was so lost
I was just so damned scared
But looking back I see now
I was the only one that cared

I had so much love in my heart
Devoted to what I thought we were
That I would've never found the strength to leave
So I am thankful that you did it first

I am finally free to be the woman
That I once used to be
I am finally free to smile again
To find the beautiful side of me.

©2017 Desiree Cady

Cold Whispers

His words, they were nothing 
but cold whispers in the middle of the night
Caught up in the moment
But oh they felt so right

I try to tell myself that with time 
Some people's feelings change
But mine never did
And that's what I find so strange

His words they cut me deep
Right to the very core
Such cold and evil hatred
He'd never expressed before

So now I am wondering
That passion that I felt
Was it always truly one sided
Was that the hand that I was dealt?

Though every lie he told me
His words made my heart melt
His lying cold whispers they've left
My heart an empty welt.

Heart Over Mind by Desiree Cady

They say follow your heart
She is supposed to know the way
But she is running away with my emotions
Which is making for a wonderful today

What if she is falling 
Just a little bit too fast?
So scared she may be wrong
Lord knows she was in the past

So she has decided
To have a conversation with her mind
Despite what her heart says
She will take each day one at a time

She will not put up those walls
Guard herself from possible pain
There is no need to judge this ray of sunshine
By the ones who brought her rain

Live in the very moment
Take a step away from the past
The mind says give it a chance
Maybe the heart is right...
Maybe this one will last

Daddy's little girl

He was filled with nervous energy
As he took her hand in his
Being in the church on this day
Was an event he'd never miss 

He took his place beside her
As she wore that white dress
His heart filled with pride
There was something he needed to address

He said, " You are the most beautiful girl
That  I have ever known
I enjoyed every moment with you 
Watched you over the years as you've grown"

"I am about to watch you leave me
Take the next step in your life
I am about to give you to this man
You are about to be his wife"

He turned to the groom
With a protective gleam in his eye
Said, "This is Daddy's little girl,
Don't you ever make her cry"

"Consider this a warning
This girl is my everything
If you ever cause her harm
Hell on you I promise I will bring"

"Treat her like a princess
Love her like a queen
Show her what the word love is
Show her what it means"

To her he turned
As a tear fell from his eye,
"You'll always be daddy's girl
Even though you're married to this guy"

"Always remember, don't ever forget
You will always have my heart
There will never be anything I won't do
No distance that will keep us apart"

"If you ever need me
Just you let me know
There is no limit for what I'll do for you 
No distance I won't go"

©2017 Desiree Cady

By Desiree Cady

I miss our love 
When it was fresh and new
When there was so much passion
In everything that we'd do

When each and every touch 
Came as a pleasant surprise 
When we would get lost in each other
Completely mesmerized

When there was not a single doubt
That you liked what you saw
When the desire in your eyes
Showed a love that was raw

When each and every day
Wasn't more of the same
When living this life
Didn't seem so mundane

When a single thought of you 
Put a smile upon my face
Before all of the magic
Disappeared without a trace

When I knew just what to do
To get us back on track
To rekindle the flame
To get that fiery spark back

When I didn't have to question
If your love for me was true
When I could see all your love 
In everything that you'd do

When I was sure of my place
Inside of your heart
When I knew where I fit in
When I possessed every part

When I knew that I was all that you wanted
Everything you'd ever need
When being in my life
Didn't just seem like another deed

When you told me you loved me
But that wasn't a strong enough word
When actions spoke louder
When what you felt I clearly heard

When love wasn't just  word
But expressed with every action
When our love seemed more
Than just  fatal attraction

©2017 Desiree Cady

By Desiree Cady

Sometimes life hands us a card from a deck when we were not even aware that we were a player in the game ...and it stops you dead in your tracks for a moment. You find yourself gridlocked, not knowing what to do. 

Life has dealt me one of these cards.

I always say that knowledge is power. When you are faced with disease, arm yourself with as much information as you can, so that you understand the beast that is bullying you.

So I guess that is what I must do. For whatever reason, if you believe that sort of thing, someone has handed me another test. One, at first that I crumpled up and tossed away, because I hadn't studied. A pop quiz that I wasn't prepared for.

But I've always been an overachiever. Not content with not succeeding. And in this case, I have no choice but to attempt to make some sort of sense out of this nonsense.

But its going to take me some time to regroup. My mind wasnt quite prepared. I knew by the amount of pain, bleeding, and sudden weight loss, that it wasnt going to be pretty ...but I guess I just assumed that like my many other health issues, they would find out what was wrong, do some sort of surgery, and I would be good. 

Instead, its just one more thing to add to my medical resume that a 33 year old shouldnt have to deal with.

Im just so frustrated that my mind had started to finally heal and now my body is falling apart. It just doesn't seem fair.

I don't know what my future holds at this point. Im scared to be honest. I feel defeated, like a burden once again. That eventually the ones who say they will never leave my side will either do so, or simply stay out of a feeling of guilt or because they feel obligated. That they will no longer want me, and I don't blame them.  Honestly, I don't even want to be around me anymore. 

I just feel lost, useless, and defeated. Like once again the game of life has come along and said to me, "You only thought that you were pulling ahead in this game. Jokes on you. I will always have a few cards up my sleeve that I can throw into play. Don't ever get too comfortable,  because I call the shots here, and at any time I want to I can claim my victory. At any time I want to, I can declare Game over."

©2017 Desiree Cady

                         © 2017

Beauty and The Beast

She was the beauty 
And he was the beast
Teaching her the things
She never knew about in the least.

He brought out a side of her
That she never knew.
Making her want to do things
That enchanted lovers would do.

He brought out a side
Of lustful, raw, desire.
Each time they touched
Her mind went higher and higher.

He brought about the 
Free spirited wild side of her 
But don't be fooled
For he, too, had some things to learn.

She taught him about things
Like true love and trust.
Taught him there should always be
Passion not just lust.
A new kind of world 
He is living in now.
He promised forever
And stayed true to his vow.

She gave him new feelings
He'd never known about before 
'Til it wasn't long he made a request 
And his children she bore.

He traded his life that he'd had in the past.
Just to hear his little girls say
"Daddy we love you"
And with her a love that would last.

She was the beauty 
And he was the beast
Now they're living a life
They wouldn't  trade in the least.

My love for you
is forever strong
It has to be right
it can't be wrong
Our hearts belong together
it is no lie
We'll be together
until angels close our eyes.

The first time I saw you
that moment I knew
Together forever ..
it'll be me and you
I'll never say goodbye.
We'll be together
until angels close our eyes.

Day after day
your hand I will hold
We'll be together
loving growing old.
When our days are numbered there's no need to cry
We'll be together
until angels close our eyes.

When I leave this world
and am no longer here
There's no need to cry,
Just lend me your ear
I am still here
Just look at the skies
We'll be together
When angels close your eyes.


Healing a Broken Soul by Desiree Cady

You shivered when I touched you
Although my hands were warm
You bundled yourself up in protective clothing
Though the bright skies show no sign of storm

A bitter heart is broken
A soul I see you've lost
All of the people in your past
They've hurt you..just see what it has cost

You cannot go on living
In a world where you are full of fear
How do I do it you ask
Listen closely, let me whisper in your ear

I have gone back to the trusting
Little girl I used to know
So convinced the world means well
Yes, it is delusional I know

I put on a happy front
Place a smile upon my face
Take myself somewhere else
A much better place

I tell myself I could remain
Damaged broken and bruised
But that would be just one more way
I would be allowing myself to be used

So I remember how much love
I once had inside my heart
I provide that to the world
And tell myself I am doing my part

You may see me as caring,
trusting and naive
At times I do appear to carry
My heart upon my sleeve

But deep inside I am always scared
I hide behind my walls
So convinced that sooner or later
The devil will again come to call

But for now I polish myself up
Tighten my own wings
For if i hide my beautiful self
There would be no sadder thing.

Desiree Cady

Untitled by Desiree Cady

I've had to walk a mile
In far too many shoes
Had to fight some battles
I thought for sure that I would lose

Something deep within me
wouldn't let me give up
Just when I thought my strength was gone
Something came along and filled my cup

I've watched my blood fall to the floor
In times I no longer wanted to live my life
Some of the saddest scars I possess
Came from the blade of my own knife

I lay prisoner for hours
While my captor left me bloody and bruised
One thing all of it taught me
Was to be strong, fight, refuse to ever again be used

I lay there thinking my life
Was surely about to end
I prayed the lord for a savior
But not one angel did he send

In that moment I had to survive
Had to gather all that I had
The only one I could count on then
Was truly was so sad

I lived through that moment
And have struggled in every possible way
The things that experience taught me
Made me the person you see standing here today

I will go on living
I will never be broken again
Because what all of this has taught me is...
I am my own strongest friend.

Desiree Cady

Grounded Angel
By Desiree Cady

The devil appeared
Such an evil, dark one
Told me his plan
By the end I knew I was done.

I had met a force
Sure to break me down
In a pool of my own blood
I was sure to drown.

He said, " You can't be this innocent,
You can't be this sweet.
I will deny you of your wings
And you can join me below in my hellish heat."

He proceeded to attack,
Stripped me of my wings..
But I sensed God was present
So I didn't feel a thing.

He thought he had won
As he took my weapons of flight
But I fooled him..for even a broken winged angel
Can still stand up and fight.


Courageous Woman By Desiree Cady

Courageous Woman
By Desiree Cady

I don't know how you do it
How you keep faking your beautiful smile
When I know the pain you've known
Keeps you walking those extra miles

You say that faith gets you through
You owe it to your prayers
I look at you in disbelief
I can't help but to stop and stare

You possess a strength inside you
Precious and unique
You say what needs to be said
When others are too frightened to speak

You hold within you a power
So unbelievably strong
You say what is on your mind
Even when you know it may be wrong

You stand up tall, You stand and fight
Through so many of your demons
So many others would lie down and fail
For so many different reasons

Do me a for just this once
Take a hard look inside of you
There is such tremendous bravery
In everything you do.


Brave Soul

Speak when your voice shakes
Love even though your heart breaks
Walk even if at first you stumble
Stand tall even when you have every reason to crumble.

Hope even when you think there's nothing left
Wipe away your tears even after you've wept
Love even after your heart has been broke
Make the most of each day, for you have been blessed and awoke.

(C) 2016 Desiree Cady


  1. What good poetry from such a horrid memory. Good luck in this and all of your new adventures! Can't wait to read more.

    1. Thank you tor the post.
      I appreciate the support.


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