Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crossing by Melissa R. Mendelson


Across this bridge
is another road
that will lead us into the unknown
and change us forever.
Once we cross it,
we can never go back
but look over our shoulder
to see the dust cover the past.
On the other side of the bridge,
we will follow the new path
into territory full of possibilities,
but our choices will determine
how these possibilities will affect us.
We will no longer find the road
that will lead back to this bridge
but find a new road
to lead us to the next bridge
when we must move on again.
We will keep wandering in the unknown
and come across many opportunities
that will change our lives forever
depending on what we chose to do,
and this will be the course of life
twisting and turning,
following our choices
until we have reached the end.

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