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Fragments of Yesterday’s Past by Melissa R. Mendelson Book Review

Fragments of Yesterdays Past by Melissa R Mendelson

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Fragments of Yesterday’s Past by Melissa R. Mendelson is an introspective journey exploring memories from days past.  It speaks to fear, anxiety and the negativity our own thoughts can bring to our lives.

Melissa is a poet at heart with a storytelling style that I have always enjoyed.  Her works speak the truth from the heart and soul.  This particular book will have you, as the reader delving into your own past and becoming aware of feelings you have never expressed.  It will have you at times shedding a tear and other times becoming inspired.

The poem Myself is an introspective look into a life of wrong choices who as a shy girl just wanted to accomplish her dreams.

The poem Ivory Petal with a line that stood out for me as no other throughout the entire book is “Love is the dead rose in a cloudy vase.”  That one line encapsulates in my opinion the essence of the entire book.  Dark? Yes but in an inspiring way.

Solace is a poem I personally can relate to and I think each and every one of us at some point in time has experienced the feeling in this poem.  We have all been invisible and taken for granted.  This poem so eloquently delves into the feelings and emotions of being invisible in a world where people tend to treat others without empathy.

The poem Fragments is a poignant reflection of what once was and who I am now.  It will have you questioning your past and where that past has taken you.  It is a powerful and reflective write.

Another Sad Goodbye for my Aunt Sadie is a must read.  It so effectively expresses the complicated feelings of grief which we all experience in our lives.  It took me back in time to my own feelings of grief and unrelenting sadness.  It is a read that will help you understand your own feelings.

This book will help you deal with your own past through a journey of complex emotions and feelings giving you inspiration through a poignant and powerful expression of poetic excellence.

Review by Joanne Olivieri
Stanzaic Stylings

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