Monday, March 13, 2017

Daddy's little girl by Desiree Cady

Daddy's little girl

He was filled with nervous energy
As he took her hand in his
Being in the church on this day
Was an event he'd never miss 

He took his place beside her
As she wore that white dress
His heart filled with pride
There was something he needed to address

He said, " You are the most beautiful girl
That  I have ever known
I enjoyed every moment with you 
Watched you over the years as you've grown"

"I am about to watch you leave me
Take the next step in your life
I am about to give you to this man
You are about to be his wife"

He turned to the groom
With a protective gleam in his eye
Said, "This is Daddy's little girl,
Don't you ever make her cry"

"Consider this a warning
This girl is my everything
If you ever cause her harm
Hell on you I promise I will bring"

"Treat her like a princess
Love her like a queen
Show her what the word love is
Show her what it means"

To her he turned
As a tear fell from his eye,
"You'll always be daddy's girl
Even though you're married to this guy"

"Always remember, don't ever forget
You will always have my heart
There will never be anything I won't do
No distance that will keep us apart"

"If you ever need me
Just you let me know
There is no limit for what I'll do for you 
No distance I won't go"

©2017 Desiree Cady

I am a 33 year old mother of two beautiful girls who have been my saving grace. After a brutal attack a few years ago, I have been plagued by PTSD. After the attack and a few suicide attempts, I vowed to tell my story and help inspire others to get help and to know that they are not alone. 
I am currently wrapping up two manuscripts for publication and am set to be published in an upcoming anthology that will come out mid - November.

You can find more of my work at 

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