Reflection of broken mind By Desiree Cady

Reflection of broken mind

Why is it that they call it dark 
These feelings that I feel?
Don't they know I need to tell
In order for my mind to heal?

I do not think this pain should be 
Thought as negative or wrong
Some people keep it locked up inside 
That doesn't mean that I am not as strong

For many years I let my pain 
Stay buried deep within
But I began to feel like I would burst
At the slightest prick of a pin

So now I let it out 
Wear my heart upon my sleeve
Hoping my words help others
Find strength and in themselves believe

I do not have it all figured out
Of that I must admit
I am still working on it day by day
Each one I get better if only just a bit

©2017 Desiree Cady 


  1. This is well written full of good advice. I also think you need to shine light into the darkness. The badness loses it's power then. And, I agree each day gets a bit better, by and by. Good read!


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