Sunday, March 26, 2017

Reawakening & Miracles by Daginne Aignend

Two little blackbirds
searching diligently
for fallen twigs
Determined to build
a cozy home
for their offspring
Marvel, the tomcat, rolls on his back
cherished by the mild April sun
Mom and I are sitting on the terrace,
drinking fresh made coffee
I love the soothing fragrance
of the lilacs and hyacinths
A natural aromatherapy
for the mood and nerves

A while ago, our family was struck down
when my mom was diagnosed
with this horrible fatal disease
The world looked harsh,
the days painted in somber, dark gray
Since that day, we decided
every new day was a little present

Mom and I are admiring the
fresh green color of the young sprouts
of the birch trees in our garden
as the postman arrives and hands mom a letter
'Complete remission'
the season of reawakening
and miracles

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