Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Father by Michela Zanarella

Father by Michela Zanarella

I boast of the color and of the sound
that, laughing, you pursue
across seasons and wombs of light.
I say to the skin
how much we both sink roots 
into impulse and cities.
You always occupy more
depth of my playing at life,
that space of  warm similarity
to the glass cabinets of a dream.
In part, in your asphalt of man
I seek vapors of everlasting pride,
that silence that I know,
sailing ship of great warmth.

Translated in english by Leanne Hoppe

Michela Zanarella is the author of poetry, fiction, and plays. Born in Cittadella, Michela lives and works in Rome, where she carries out her work in collaboration with various journals on the web. She has published eight books of poetry, and she has received several national and international awards. Her poetry has been translated into Spanish, Romanian, French, English and Arabic.

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