Monday, November 28, 2016

Untitled by Desiree Cady

I've had to walk a mile
In far too many shoes
Had to fight some battles
I thought for sure that I would lose

Something deep within me
wouldn't let me give up
Just when I thought my strength was gone
Something came along and filled my cup

I've watched my blood fall to the floor
In times I no longer wanted to live my life
Some of the saddest scars I possess
Came from the blade of my own knife

I lay prisoner for hours
While my captor left me bloody and bruised
One thing all of it taught me
Was to be strong, fight, refuse to ever again be used

I lay there thinking my life
Was surely about to end
I prayed the lord for a savior
But not one angel did he send

In that moment I had to survive
Had to gather all that I had
The only one I could count on then
Was truly was so sad

I lived through that moment
And have struggled in every possible way
The things that experience taught me
Made me the person you see standing here today

I will go on living
I will never be broken again
Because what all of this has taught me is...
I am my own strongest friend.

Desiree Cady

I am a 33 year old mother of two beautiful girls who have been my saving grace. After a brutal attack a few years ago, I have been plagued by PTSD. After the attack and a few suicide attempts, I vowed to tell my story and help inspire others to get help and to know that they are not alone. 
I am currently wrapping up two manuscripts for publication and am set to be published in an upcoming anthology that will come out mid - November.
You can find more of my work at 

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