Monday, November 7, 2016

Poem Of Protest #10 by Anne Jeffries



Temple Mount
Four thousand year veneration
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Eleven entrance gates guarded by guns
Ten for Muslims, one for Others
O, Jerusalem

God manifested
Birthplace of Talmud

Birthplace of Adam
Neighbor to the binding place of Isaac
Temple Mount, Stronghold of Zion
O, Jerusalem

Temple Mount
Home of  Jewish Temples
Center for  national life
Government, law, religion, economy
O, Jerusalem

First built by Solomon
Destroyed by Babylonians
Second built by Zerubbabel
Destroyed by the Romans
O, Jerusalem

The third still to be built
Holy of Holies
Lost in a sea of stone
O, Jerusalem

Temple Mount
Central importance
from age to age
Usurped by Holy Sepulcher
O, Jerusalem.

Christians left and nature destroyed
the third temple effort
Suffering neglect out of respect
O, Jerusalem

Temple Mount
Seventh-century rubble heap
Muslim conquest
Recovery, Renew, Reclaim
O,  Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock
Al Alsqa Mosque
Occupier of Holy of Holies
O, Jerusalem

Grief and lamentations
Hatred your tool of contempt and power
International body, you had NO right
O, Jerusalem

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