Sunday, November 13, 2016

Labyrinth by Melissa Mendelson


In the maze of our minds, 
the walls are etched 
with what we do not 
want to know 
or want to remember. 
The walls could paint 
the best of our memories, 
but some betray us 
to reveal what we can't face. 
Yet, the walls remain 
in the maze of our minds 
as we weave in and out 
toward the core of our soul. 
No matter how far we go, 
we can't ignore 
our true feelings inside 
or moments that we want to forget. 
They will always be there 
until we face the wall. 
Then, it will fall
to reveal a road 
not yet discovered 
or a door that we could walk through 
to our dreams. 
As we continue to live within ourselves, 
these walls etched with time 
will phase in and out 
until we are finally ready to become ourselves.

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