Friday, November 18, 2016

Humanity Within by Melissa R. Mendelson

Humanity Within

Cold nights 
light the stage 
of the loneliness 
that I am imprisoned in. 
The stars above still don't shine, 
and your eyes still avoid me. 
Am I the fear 
of what could happen to you? 
Am I your reality 
if things get harder, 
if your world falls apart?
I am your shadow 
as you walk past my cardboard box, 
and I am in you, 
the humanity 
that you carry 
but never tap into. 
Here I lay, 
starving at your feet, 
asking for a few dollars, 
or just for some food. 
All you have to do 
is open your heart, 
open your mind, 
and wrap me in the humanity 
that you carry within. 
Why should I 
and those across the globe 
suffer in poverty 
when all we need 
is for you to help 
us stand back up 
in this world? 
The days would be warm, 
and the nightmare would finally be over 
as the stars shine again. 
All that is needed  
is the humanity inside. 

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