Friday, January 20, 2017

Beauty and The Beast by Desiree Cady

She was the beauty 
And he was the beast
Teaching her the things
She never knew about in the least.

He brought out a side of her
That she never knew.
Making her want to do things
That enchanted lovers would do.

He brought out a side
Of lustful, raw, desire.
Each time they touched
Her mind went higher and higher.

He brought about the 
Free spirited wild side of her 
But don't be fooled
For he, too, had some things to learn.

She taught him about things
Like true love and trust.
Taught him there should always be
Passion not just lust.

A new kind of world 
He is living in now.
He promised forever
And stayed true to his vow.

She gave him new feelings
He'd never known about before 
'Til it wasn't long he made a request 
And his children she bore.

He traded his life that he'd had in the past.
Just to hear his little girls say
"Daddy we love you"
And with her a love that would last.

She was the beauty 
And he was the beast
Now they're living a life
They wouldn't  trade in the least.

© Desiree Cady 2016


  1. Beautiful work, Desiree.

    1. Thank you and thanks for reading.

  2. Very good! I liked this so much.