Sunday, January 1, 2017

David Meltzer by Paula Hackett

RIP David Meltzer - A tribute poem to David by Paula Hackett

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David Meltzer

Rumplestiltskin has a secret 
and so does David Meltzer.
David weaves Secrets and Gold,
Music and Poetry.
The timekeeper,
he knows the rhythm of beating hearts.
The beginning of Music.
The beginning of Poetry.
His life is a sanctuary for both,
as he writes the poems music can celebrate.

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"Esteemed poet David Meltzer has said of Paula Hackett’s work, “(Her) poetry is deceptive in its clarity and deep emotional base…  Hackett writes with a keen eye, alert to the right details… Her cd “Roulette” is a wonderfully expansive session with pianist Rudi Wongozi which I recomment without question.  It’s a subtle and superlative session; one of great dialogue between music and word.”

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