Sunday, January 29, 2017

Spies by Jerry Durick


were absent from what we learned in school,
our lessons scrubbed clean, the straight line of
history was best and easier to remember, but
we learned about them later in endless novels
and films; the CIA, MI6, and the KGB live out 
their lives as much on the page and screen as 
they probably do in real life, live their shadow 
lives in the safe houses of our imaginations, do
their elaborate schemes following a well-made
plot, staged for cinematic effect, with music to 
set the mood, with witty dialogue and meaningful
facial expressions, one of the several James Bonds
surviving the chase and all the convenient women;
spies’ absence from schoolbooks left them free to
be themselves, to be chief players, our alter-egos
at work, imagining guns blazing, enemies thwarted
as we move on to our next adventure, a beautiful

woman on our arm and just the right thing to say.

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