Thursday, January 12, 2017

Coast Town in a Valley by David Francis

Coast Town in a Valley

Rays come down
geese honk above the flat lake
reflecting the mountains
lichens slant
toward town

A northern house with a
sharp, sturdy roof
starts the town
only one skyscraper
spoils the horizon
on either side
coast and cove
not blurred
but made blue

fog in the valley

on the hill
a leveled fence
with unknown burrows

stepping between wires
and overlooking

sliding falling running
down mud
to roadside flowers

the wind blowing
the clouds blackening
but passing

and then out of the sea
like oil
a few colors shoot

straight up
over or through

and end
in brown inland

only the ends

somehow in a moment
the sky clears
and you see
the rainbow


David Francis has produced five albums of songs,
one of poems, and "Always/Far," a chapbook of
lyrics and drawings.  His film "Village Folksinger"
has been screened in New York, Texas, Connecticut
and England.  David's poems and stories have
appeared in a number of journals and anthologies.


  1. I really love this poem, drawn into the atmosphere of the moment

  2. Thank you, Daginne. I'm glad you liked it...