Monday, January 2, 2017

Gifts of Mother Materialism by Indunil Madhusankha

Gifts of Mother Materialism
(Published in the Literary Yard e-Journal on 13th November 2015)

 The shining fall of her thickly grown
 knee length tresses
 An araliya flower pinned in her hair,
 near the ear
 The glamour of her lotus coloured lips
 and that of her cheeks like rosy petals
 The beauty of her cascading dress
 All vanished.
 Her hairs,
 permed, dyed, tinted
 and studded with unduly brilliant combs
 Lipsticks available in a variety of hues
 stained on her lips
 An exhibition of seminude feminine grace
 Her natural beauty washed away
 by numerous different paraphernalia

 Gifts of Mother Nature
 have undergone a metamorphosis
 So, better to be called,
 Gifts of Mother Materialism

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