Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Teddy's LA After Dark by John and Paula Hackett

Music by                          Lyrics by
Teddy Edwards                John & Paula Hackett

           Teddy's L.A. After Dark

               Come to life
               On this changing scene
               Here's your part
               Live your wildest dreams
               Night arrives
               just to celebrate
               It happens here
               in L.A.
               After dark

               From the beach
               to the mountainside
               L.A. streets
               take you for a ride
               Central Avenue
               It happens here
               in L.A.
               After dark

               Daylight steps aside and
               Lets the city lights start to glow
               Play out your part as the night
               Puts on a show

               Happy now
               See the dawn arise
               Just for you
               Cross the morning skies
               Don't forget
               Night will soon return
               It's here for you
               in L.A.
               After dark

Paula Hackett's poetry is influenced by her life experiences growing up in Berkeley during the vibrant and explosive 60's. The daughter of novelist Paul Hackett, she studied under John Beecher, Angela Davis and Grover Sales. She has written lyrics in collaboration with her brother John Hackett, for many great jazz composers including Teddy Edwards, John Handy, Ivan Lins, Joe Sample, Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson, and Cedar Walton. Her life long love of jazz is reflected in her many poems about musicians and in her CDs with pianists Rudi Wongozi and Connie Crothers. Visit Paula's website at: www.paulahackett.com

Performed by Diane Witherspoon

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