Make America Grate Again by Stephen Dreyfuss

by Stephen Dreyfuss

Let’s make America grate again, grate like grated cheese
And shred that solid voting block, bring Justice to her knees
Let’s make America Grate again, grate like grated cheese
Bring our great democracy, down on humbled knees

Just like grated cheese, the voting block is shredded bit by bit
With our newsy infotainment, the truth does take a hit
Those glory days those happy days, so difficult to resist
Dreaming of times those gone by, but just when did they exist?
Now when was our true greatness at its greatest peak?
1890’s…..1980’s, politicians dare not speak
Or specify which time it was our enemies were proven weak
And all our citizens worked together, like a pump without a leak
Memories of the golden days, America was truly great
Let me find my pen and paper so I can record the date…

Was that when we shot the natives right off the prairie plains?
Or kept all slaves secure locked up in iron chains?
Or the time of Robber Barons, with their thieving souls?
Or the mighty great Depression, in the Age of dusty bowls?
Here in Sunny California now we’re serfing USA
Hipsters, I tried to warn ya, now you’re laboring for low pay
All you serfs and overlords keep to the status quo
While the Central Valley migrants work row after row after row after row….

Confusion knows no bounds and the math is way too hard
 Complete history of the U.S.A. on a single index card
Confusion knows no bounds, they cut schooling for the masses
Supreme Courts meet in secret, all of Congress like molasses
Let’s make America grate again, grate like grated cheese
And shred that true democracy, bring Justice to her knees
Now he might be the REAL Lucifer,   real fleshy one at that
With “Make America Grate Again” printed on his hat
A sheep in wolf’s clothing, wearing flip-flops makes a switch
Many, many, many people think so… vainglorious son ‘o the rich
Shows up at the Last Supper, he tries to make a deal
Told Christ and twelve disciples:
“Get me a taco bowl, a vanilla shake, extra-large  fries, hot onion rings  and I’ll have the  12 mock Donald happy meals-TO GO!
….and hand the bill off to Mexico”
Let’s make America grate again, grate like grated cheese
And shred our true democracy, bring Lady Justice to her knees!

Copyright 2016 Triple Cliff Publishing (BMI)


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