Quotes by Miko Romo

As each day passes I realize that I was given one more day for whatever reason. May I find it. With each day I realize I was gifted with one more day, and that helps me want to become someone who does good things unto others, and treat today with love Blessings to you all and have a great day!

You could be gone tomorrow, love today

I still believe in respecting our woman... No one can take that away from me. Open her door, allow her to enter first, and be a Gentleman.

“Remember, buying something is not the problem. The problem comes when we believe, for that moment, that the object we’re buying is going to make us happy.”

“The world always pays you less than you are worth. Don't sell yourself short even further.”

Life as Serendipity

How much of yourself is really you?

Construct yourself and build YOU. Knowledge is everywhere..go get some and apply it. The more you know the better off you will be in this world!



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