THE MURALIST WORKS by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal


The muralist works in the clandestine hours.
The moon and stars are his sentinels at night.
His paints create rivers and rowing boats.
The yellow and red ones create the golden sun.
The muralist lifts the mountains and plains.
At daytime the sun could see its face.
He is always careful not to get caught
between the wall and sword of justice.
The ruins of the world contain the best murals.
No one could get rich when they are destroyed.
They are left to memories and to the ancient past.
The muralist rubs his eyes after toiling all night.
His teary eyes like his paints become rivers.
His mountains and plains come alive at daylight.

In July 2016 Kendra Steiner Editions published my latest chapbook, Make
the Light Mine.  The chapbook could be ordered through Kendra Steiner
Editions, who also publish music as well.
Luis works in the mental health field in Los Angeles CA.  His poems in English
and Spanish have appeared in online and print journals.  His latest chapbook,
Make the Light Mine, was published by Kendra Steiner Editions. 


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