THE LAZY GONDOLIER by William C. Blome


Rumor has it you’ve cast your lot
With one lazy gondolier, a melodious jerk
Who barcarolles with the very best of them,
But isn’t worth a crap when it comes
To finding treasure in the Lido’s squooshy turf
At daytime’s lowest tide. Oh he can expertly
Steady his boat into wasp-waisted slips
And rough-sea piers, but give your guy a shovel—
Even show him exactly where to dig or scoop—
And damned if he’ll ever turn over one ducat
Or even a corroded and encrusted bracelet.
Moreover, everybody sees he never breaks a sweat,
Never pants like a strung-out greyhound
From genuine exertion, which is why I rush
To call him lazy. But now confide in me, pretty-
Pretty please: is he the selfsame way when he’s
Practically all by himself? (You know, when
He’s with no one except the likes of you?) 


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