The Etheree by Joanne Olivieri

As poets we have the ability to encapsulate our thoughts and ideas and create lasting impressions with words. There are literally thousands of poetic styles. The etheree is a strict form in which the structure is limited to ten lines and ten syllables. Much like a pyramid in form, the poem will begin with one syllable and end with a 10 syllable line. Or, it can be reversed with the first line employing 10 syllables and the last line one. It may seem an easy form however it is very difficult to write this style with the necessary components of imagery and flow. Below is a quickly written example to give you an idea of how the poem should be created and what it should look like when completed.

you a
poet of
life who creates
poems with love and
passion? Who in nature
is peaceful and serene as
a tranquil waterfall flowing
freely into the depths of the mind
cleansing the spirit, caressing the heart.

I wrote this very quickly without any attention to imagery but rather form and style. I wanted to express the form as it should be unveiled to the reader. A pyramid or triangular appearance is the law of the land with an etheree. It should be rich in imagery and metaphor and should not be rhymed. There are many forms such as sonnets and odes which can be rhymed however many forms do not employ the style. And, always remember that even if you are writing in a metrical style there should be emphasis on imagery.


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