YOU ARE SO GOOD TO ME Words & Music by Jerry Holland

words & music Jerry Holland
c. Heebalibra Music / BMI

Life is hard, filled with stress
But you treat me with such tenderness
That's why I feel as lucky as can be
My bones are tired, I scrape along
And yet I sing a thankful song
Cause you are so good to me

Love is rare, time is swift
And every hour a fleeting gift
A gift that comes without a guarantee
But when I'm down, battered and blue
No matter if you're hurting too
You are so good to me

In silent hours I pray
Never will I take your love for granted
For at the dark end of the day
You make my night a world enchanted

Lightning strikes, thunder roars
The wind it howls, and rain it pours
But in your arms I'm wrapped up peacefully
You're sweet and kind, never mean
You make this girl feel like an English Queen
You are so good to me
You are so good to me...


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