The Unpredictable Sea by Pat St. Pierre

The Unpredictable Sea
(previously published 2011 in Eye of the Needle)

The sea, an angry huntress,
thrusts itself upon the sea rover.
Wild winds hamper massive sails.
The ocean’s white foam
thunderous waves
against the bluff.
The sea is fearless
and wants to be in control
but the mariner is relentless.

He struggles to assert his authority.
As he shouts to the heavens.
the mariner’s scream is carried away.
His body crumbles;
the ocean once more defeats man 

and again assumes command.

Bio: Pat St. Pierre is a freelance writer for both adults and children in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She has had three poetry books published. Her latest is "Full Circle" and was published by Kelsay Books. Her work has been on in ezines and in print. She is also an amateur photographer whose photos have been on the covers and included in ezines and print. Her most recent photo is on the cover of Touch, The Journal of Healing" issue 19. Her blog is


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